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23rd July 2018 

Online Counselling, Supervision, Counselling Supervision, Online Supervision, and Consultancy or Training Services

Why choose to provide Online Counselling, Supervision, Counselling Supervision,or Consultancy for you or your organisation?

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Online Counselling

If you are considering offering online Counselling within your organisation and would like the advantage of having the services of a professional who has developed online counselling within both small or large organisations, then I can provide a flexible and individually tailored service.
I offer consultancy based upon an hourly rate of 45, plus expenses.
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Online Supervision

If you require supervision for the online counselling practice within your organisation I am available to offer either face to face supervision or online supervision for individuals and groups. If online counselling is a new addition to your organisation and you feel that an introduction to online supervision would be beneficial, I can offer introductory sessions as required.

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Online counselling Training
I am a qualified and experienced trainer with over 20 years experience of developing and delivering training packages to individuals and groups. If you are considering introducing online counselling or supervision within your counselling service provision I can provide introductory and more in depth training which is flexible and delivered according to the needs of the individual or group.

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