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30th September 2020 

Online Counselling uk and Counselling Supervision uk

Online Counselling uk and Supervision uk

Choosing the right counsellor to provide support is not always easy. By taking time to read this page it may provide you with information which will help you make a decision on the best choice for you, In all cases giving careful attention to both the medium of counselling being offered and the qualifications and experience of your chosen counsellor is an important factor in this process.
I am a senior BACP Accredited Counsellor. As an accredited counsellor my practice is grounded within the BACP Ethical Framework. I also work as a supervisor and trainer online.I frequently provide consultancy services to services who are piloting an e-counselling service for their clients. There are different mediums available for you to choose from, and you choose which would feel more comfortable for you.
Why choose counselling?
Life events can arise for everyone and leave us feeling unable to manage day to day life and relationships as effectively as we would hope for. Often these life events and personal issues have begun due to circumstances which feel beyond our control. Counselling offers a safe and confidential space where the therapist helps the client to explore how to find ways forward with either managing or changing the difficulties they are facing. I believe that by the counsellor offering a non-judgemental and client focused approach this is key in finding a solution to the issues brought to counselling. I have provided therapy support to clients since 1997 and during the last 13 years have worked with clients via therapy emails, Instant messenging, and voice or webcam. Some clients like the fact that email therapy gives them time to think through what they want to say to the counsellor, whilst also being therapeutic in itself, when writing down thoughts about a situation which are causing the presenting problems.

Payment Arrangements

Real time or Instant Messaging Counselling:
There is a fee of 50 for each meeting that we have. Prior to commencing with this medium for counselling we will have exchanged an initial email to decide if this is the most appropriate medium of support for you. You may purchase a block of meetings at the onset of therapy. All fees are payable in advance through the Pay-Pal link provided and your ongoing counselling exchanges will commence once I have received your payment.A 10% reduction is available where 6 or more sessions are agreed.

Supervision online uk:
Due to time constraints and difficulties with travel arrangements for receiving clinical supervision of client work, the provision of Online supervision can be an effective alternative to face to face supervision. I offer online supervision using email and synchronous meetings via Skype, using voice only (similar to telephone supervision), or with webcam which is very similar to face to face supervision. You choose which medium most suits your needs.

Online Counselling Supervision
Online supervision is available via IM, voice only, or Webcam. The fee is 50 per hour . The session duration can be one or one and a half hours .All fees are payable in advance.

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